• photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
  • photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
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STET plays Borders


Went to see a production of Borders, a play written by Henry Naylor and put on by STET ( The English Theater in Den Haag), which is an English language theater company that I also work for.  Borders is an extremely powerful play that captures the dichotomy between the turbulent hell that is the living nightmare that the Syrians are living through and the decadence of West's endless pursuit of wealth & fame.

Borders is deceptively simple in that it is only two characters speaking to the audience in simultaneous, juxtaposed monologues.  However, the writing is so powerful, the acting so strong, the directing so good and the whole play itself so compact that it will leave you deeply affected by the end of the show.  This production has just finished its run on Sunday but it is well worth the effort to go and see whenever and wherever it might appear again.


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