• photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
  • photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
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Agent: Alain Van Goethem
Lucky Star International Talent Agency

32(0)4 - 68 233 031
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Contact Jeremiah:

31(0)6 - 155 70 129
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Drama Workshop

Jeremiah Fleming - Drama Workshop nov 2018Just finished giving a drama workshop three days in a row to Havo students at the Haarlemmermeer Lyceum in Hoofddorp.

The challenge in these workshops is to channel the enthusiasm and energy of young teenagers and maintain discipline and focus at the same time. The pitfall of these types of workshops is that they can be seen as just a fun filled activity without the full appreciation on the part of the students that drama is an art form and acting is a craft.

Hence, the workshop leader is always looking for ways in which to ignite an excitement for the art form while simultaneously maintaining order.  Keeping concentration is a big challenge for any teenager and at the end of the day one just hopes that perhaps a seed has been planted that could be the genesis of further interest, curiosity and exploration of this wonderful art form for the next generation.

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