• photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
  • photo: Max Vos de Wael
  • photo: Ineke van Bronswijk
Booking Info:

Agent: Alain Van Goethem
Lucky Star International Talent Agency

32(0)4 - 68 233 031
e-mail agent

Contact Jeremiah:

31(0)6 - 155 70 129
e-mail jeremiah

Deliver Us the Moon

In october 2018 a new game has been launched: Deliver Us the Moon. Jeremiah has done the voice over for the character of Rolf in this game.

Press Release:

We are very happy to announce that Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna successfully launched on Steam today!
KeokeN has been releasing trailers and teasers the past few weeks, which you might have seen already. You can watch those here: https://www.deliverusthemoon.com/media-horizon
The game is currently only available on PC, but it might be ported to Mac and consoles in the future.For those of you who would like to play the game on PC, KeokeN arranged for some Steam keys which you can use here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/428660


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